Nogales Interconnection Project

The Nogales Interconnection Project is a proposed direct current interconnection (commonly known as a DC Tie) and associated electric facilities, which will allow for an asynchronous interconnection between the electric grid in southern Arizona and the electric grid in the northwest region of Mexico.

The Project will consist of the following components:

    1. a new, approximately 11-acre Gateway Substation where the DC Tie and other substation facilities will be located;

    2. a new, approximately 3-mile, 138-kilovolt (kV) alternating current (AC) transmission line between the existing UNS Electric, Inc. (UNSE) Valencia Substation and the new Gateway Substation, and;

    3. a new, approximately 2-mile, 230-kV AC transmission line extending south from the new Gateway Substation to the proposed international border crossing.

The Project will be constructed in two phases. The first phase of the Project will include DC Tie capacity of 150 MW with a planned in-service date of 2019. The second phase, to be constructed at a time that has not yet been determined, will expand the DC Tie capacity to 300 MW.

Nogales Frontier Operations, L.L.C. has commenced an open solicitation process for its capacity on the Nogales Interconnection Project. Interested parties can learn more about the Project's open solicitation process and how to participate by visiting

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Federal Permitting Documents
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Open House Meetings - June 2017
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Agency and Non-Governmental Organization Meeting – September 2015
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