Focus on Mexico

Hunt Power provides key support services to a variety of international suppliers and users of electric power in both Texas and Mexico.

SEM Hunt, a Hunt Power subsidiary, is focused on energy resource management with the purpose of promoting energy efficiency—from retail stores to corporate buildings to manufacturing plants. This approach allows organizations to optimize their energy consumption patterns and save money through comprehensive analytics that help establish policies for energy optimization. It also allows companies to evaluate and verify other energy saving projects they have implemented. SEM Hunt's specially trained team of analysts advises organizations on how to manage and optimize their operational costs of electricity, water and gas. Please visit the SEM Hunt website for more information.

Hunt Electric Power Marketing was created in 2009 to facilitate power transactions between Texas and Mexico using the three existing interconnections that link the Electric Reliability Council of Texas grid with the national grid of Mexico, operated by the Comisión Federal de Electricidad. Hunt Electric Power Marketing has built upon Hunt's existing marketing expertise, as well as its strong relationship with Comisión Federal de Electricidad, to successfully utilize these interconnections between the two markets. Hunt Electric Power Marketing is also actively exploring new marketing opportunities on both sides of the border.